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  • Special Workshops and Training
  • Special Programs and Events
  • Youth Job Fairs
  • Our services are designed for groups of youth at community based organizations, schools, and churches.

Image of a Lady/Image of a Queen

This powerful, fun, and interactive presentation explores several areas to help young ladies become more confident, creative, and competent in all areas of their life. It gives information to them on what it is to be a real lady and explores the connection between a lady and a queen.

Image of a Man/Image of a King

This presentation will help young men define their purpose, develop character, become more confident, and inspire them to be gentlemen. It gives information to young men on what it is to be a real man and explores the connection between a man and a king. It emphasizes the man as being responsible, dependable, honorable, and one of integrity


This workshop focuses on the vital role of entrepreneurship in our economy and presents entrepreneurship as a viable career option. It provides information and strategies on starting and operating your own business.

Financial Literacy

The workshop involves assisting youth to move toward being self-sufficient. Topics include: spending and establishing a budget, saving, checking accounts, and identity theft.

Discovering Your Life Purpose

This presentation focuses on discovering who you are and your unique destined purpose for being on this earth. It will also provide information on ways to maintain a positive self-esteem. Participants will become aware of their strengths and abilities and how they can be used to market themselves.


This workshop will explore and enhance skills needed for employment. Sessions include: resume writing, interview techniques, the application process, dress for success, professional etiquette, job search, work ethic and professionalism.

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