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5680 Hwy 6 #211, Missouri City, TX 77459




Celebrating The King and Queen In You!


This program is the most dynamic and breathtaking event that I have ever experienced. I made a vow after witnessing this program to never go back to the way I used to live.  I certainly would recommend that every teenager attend a session of this program. I promise you, your life will never be the same.

Mary Capers

I am encouraged to see leaders in our community personally concerned and invested in the youth of our city. I am as equally impressed by the young adults and their commitment to affect change and not wait on others to do it for them.  The entrepreneurial spirit of our country is what makes us great. Programs like these give me hope that our youth are not allowing the surrounding circumstances and propaganda to erode this spirit within them.

Bryan Bullington, Operator, Chick-fil-A

5680 Hwy 6 #211,

Missouri City, TX 77459, USA

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